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Reel Cool Entertainment LLC is an independent, full-service production company conveniently located near Atlanta in Oxford, Georgia. We focus on international film, video production, commercial work, original programming and online content. 

Let us transform your ideas, concepts and scripts into reality.



Currently, Reel Cool Entertainment is in development of turning our steampunk adventure web series, Archangel from the Winter's End Chronicles into a feature film. This picture will also lend itself into a TV pilot for a possible series. Production is scheduled for spring of 2019.  (click image for official website)


Production Services

Have a project you need filmed? Look no further, for Reel Cool Entertainment can offer you everything you need to complete it. From creative and production, all the way to your to final product, we have some of the most talented staff and finest crews available in the Southeast.

Archangel Book Trailer

Check out this exciting trailer for our novel, Archangel From the Winter's End Chronicles! Written by NY Times best-selling author Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff! Make sure to get your copy today from many on-line retailers, such as: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and other internet book sellers worldwide.

Executive Staff


Dave Di Pietro

Robin Chaudhuri

Dave Di Pietro

Dave Di Pietro has over 38 years experience within the film and video industries as a writer and director. Beginning by shooting Super 8 movies in high school,  he co-founded Cinema Group 4 in New Jersey and began writing, directing and producing special visual effects, for feature films. Dave worked for Paramount Pictures for over 13 years and even wrote and directed a pilot for the SyFy Channel called Quad 9. He is now writing and directing for stage and screen in the Atlanta, Georgia area, which has become the "Hollywood of the East." 


Jeff Burdett

Robin Chaudhuri

Dave Di Pietro

Jeff Burdett is a producer, editor, and visual effects artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked on numerous short films and features including: Whirled Cup Race, Old Man Cabbage, VHS, Agoraphobia, All Girls Weekend and Archangel from the Winter’s End Chronicles. He enjoys movies of all kinds, both making and watching them, but his favorites are science fiction and historical fiction. Archangel is everything he loves, wrapped up into a steampunk world, that he couldn’t be more excited about bringing to life.


Robin Chaudhuri

Robin Chaudhuri

Robin Chaudhuri

 Robin Chaudhuri is a content acquisition manager, associate producer, and marketing specialist with 19 years in the industry. He's done contract work for major studios, numerous short films and features including: Kong: Skull Island, Percy Jackson, Skyfall Batman Begins, Buffy, Night at the Museum, Pirates of the Caribbean and the History Channel. He enjoys all aspects of the entertainment industry, but especially loves putting products in the consumer's hands, allowing them to immerse themselves in the full movie experience.  

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 If you are interested in a crew position on an upcoming project, and you are located in or around the Atlanta, GA area, feel free to submit your area of expertise, your contact info and availability. 

Actors are encouraged to please send resume and current head shots.

Union and non-union applicants accepted.


Send to: info@reelcoolentertainment.com

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